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Friday, June 12th, 2009
11:15 am
Busy little beaver...
in the last 2 weeks I have...
(complete minus weaving in) 3 dish clothes (christmas presents)
(Complete) 1 pair med-sm longies for a future baby -we're thinking about when hubby returns
(complete except for buttons and weaving in) 1 wool diaper wrap
(started) baby jacket for friend's baby - I've ripped this one out like 10 times because I STILL don't like it. hrumph. I'll figure something out soon I have till septmeber to get it done.
(started) sheepy sack for future baby -I swear I told him we couldn't have anymore till I got caught up on knitting and that's what I'm trying to do... my goal is to cloth diaper with wool covers and I need a few more made lol

(complete) "biffer shrug" for house - I'm in the process of getting new flooring. I might make more of these I love the ridges in it

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
1:56 pm
A partial listing of military charities
Just a few for now... I've started a lap blanket for a nursing home in my area since my grandfather has been in and out of them lately I've seen a need so knitting I go!

A few great charities! My husband is military and I think these sites are GREAT for our service men!

Has a list of several sub-charities from sending cards to giving vets a ride to dr's appts.

You can hand pick soldiers to send to from a HUGE selection. Most requested items are food and personal products :)

'nuf said

Hosted by the national museum of marine corps. Helmet Liners!

gives to all branches of the military not just marines! All types of kids things for children with deployed parents to help them cope.

We use cloth diapers on our daughter out of choice and they can be pricey to start. HOWEVER it has already saved us quite a bit of money! Please donate cloth diapers to those that can't afford them. Cloth diapers and  diaper covers accepted the also accept "slings, natural baby items, unused natural menstrual items, unused cloth nursing pads, and natural living products"

Monday, February 9th, 2009
4:17 pm
What's on YOUR needles??

SO I just finished a WHW basic wrap pattern in NB sized as well as the fern and farie free flat knit pattern featured in my Avi (isn't it cute?)  and am about to cast on one using the Ottobre pattern I'm knitting for personal use for a *future* baby although I already have one I NEVER can get her's made before she out grows them! SO I've told my hubby NO MORE BABIES TILL I GET SOME KNITTING DONE! :)

I am ALSO up for some charity knitting possibly... My husband is Army Reserves and should be activating here shortly so I have a LOT of time to think and that's not always good. Things to put in a care package is at the top of my list weather it goes to hubby or some other military guy/gal.

I'm also up for anyone who knows of some good yarn deals esp. wool. Yarn prices about KILL me.

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